Chapter 7 Corporate Bankruptcy

How Can I Save My Home, My Lifestyle, and My Business If I Go Bankrupt?

Chapter 7 corporate bankruptcy has nothing to do with personal bankruptcy. You most likely will keep your home and your car and other property. However, you may need to shut down your business entirely. Filing a Chapter 7 corporate bankruptcy means that a failed small business sells its assets off (if any) to pay debts and then closes for good. Lawyer Sherri B. Simpson has been handling corporate bankruptcy for more than 20 years in Florida. Her business acumen and her knowledge of the law will see you through the bankruptcy process so you can begin again. If you choose to file for a Chapter 7 corporate bankruptcy, your company's remaining assets will be sold or "liquidated” by a court-appointed trustee. Your stockholders' stock is generally worthless, and that money is not paid back.


Why Choose Chapter 7 Corporate Bankruptcy Over Chapter 11?

Attorney Sherri B. Simpson has over 20 years of experience in bankruptcy law and can help you determine an effective strategy for obtaining debt relief. We can help you determine whether it is best for you to file a Chapter 7, Chapter 11, or just try to renegotiate with creditors. In many cases, filing a Chapter 7 allows the business owners to fully close the books on that chapter in their lives, structure their debt, and not face further harm by lawsuits, garnishments or harassing creditors. It is a legitimate way to move on with your business life.

Sherri B. Simpson's mission is to help individuals and businesses get out from under their financial difficulties. Call today to start working toward financial health.



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