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Mortgage Foreclosure Attorney in Sunrise, Florida

If You Are Reading This, You May Have a Way to Avoid Foreclosure

It's better to know what you are up against with regard to foreclosure than to pretend that your troubles with paying your bills, taxes or your mortgage don't exist. Two primary areas of practice for the Simpson Law Group are all things mortgage and foreclosure - that includes mortgage foreclosure defense. Don't lose hope - we may be able to prevent the loss of your home. We have been assisting people in the Palm Beach, Hollywood, Dania, Sunrise and Fort Lauderdale areas to create effective mortgage foreclosure defense or file for bankruptcy protection for more than 15 years. We can help you with refinancing, with home equity lines of credit (HELOC) and with the defense of other lawsuits. We can also help resolve issues with real estate taxes, tax deeds, and liens in a way that optimizes your situation and keeps you from falling deeper into debt. We can successfully negotiate with lenders and HOAs on your behalf and help to resolve back payment issues. We can also create restructuring plans for your loans, negotiate loan modifications, and to work out retention programs. Step by step, it does get better. We have thousands of clients and 25 years of experience to back this up. New federal regulations enacted in October 2017 and enforced by the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau can really help protect you if you have issues with your mortgage servicer. Sherri B. Simpson is knowledgeable and skilled at working with the new regulations and can help you fight the bureaucracy!

Attorney Sherri B. Simpson's mission is to help you with your mortgage foreclosure defense and recover from your financial challenges. Call us now to discuss your options.

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