Chapter 7- Individual Bankruptcy

Can I File a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Without Losing Everything?

Yes. You can petition for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy (there are several other kinds of bankruptcy) without losing everything. Filing for a personal bankruptcy or a consumer straight bankruptcy, as Chapter 7 bankruptcy is often referred to, will end the downward financial spiral and begin to provide you with debt relief. It is far less stressful when you use the services of a qualified lawyer to help you though this process.

We can Attempt to Renegotiate Your Mortgage Loans to Reflect the Current Market Rate

Many people who have 80/20 mortgage financing and are sinking under both mortgages. When your home has dropped significantly in value, there are may be ways to renegotiate restructure your mortgage to reflect the true value of your home and your ability to pay more accurately. Contact us to find out about other legal and honest ways to reduce debt and to save money during this difficult time.


Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Income Barriers

When filing for a chapter 7 bankruptcy, people generally have to fit within a certain income level. The income barriers to Chapter 7 are not as hard to meet as they may seem. In fact, the majority of homeowners individuals can file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy and keep their homes or other assets. In addition to temporarily stopping foreclosure, chapter 7 is also used to eliminate debts such as medical bills, credit cards and other unsecured debt.

Let an Experienced Attorney Use the Federal Bankruptcy Laws to Your Financial Advantage.

If you go into Chapter 7 bankruptcy before seeking the counsel of an attorney, there may be no way for you to use federal laws to stop foreclosure, to keep your equity and your present loan, or to stop the creditors from harassing you. We can help you deal with real estate taxes owed, equity issues, title insurance, keeping your car, garnishments and lawsuits. The only thing that no one is ever forgiven from is the payment of child support. We have helped many clients find solutions to their financial troubles and get on with their lives.



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