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During the Great Depression, President Franklin Roosevelt Said, "There is Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself."

If you are in serious financial distress, the fear of the unknown can make your situation seem far worse. It is important to seek the counsel of an experienced and trustworthy attorney to explain your options clearly and simply.

Simpson Law Group has a solid 20-year track record of helping people climb out of financial trouble with step-by-step workable plans that help restore their financial health. We will help you determine whether you should file for bankruptcy. If you do not qualify for a Chapter 7 or if you want to save a home or car from being foreclosed or repossessed, because your debt must be paid or you earn too much money, filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be an option. This is especially true if you have defaulted on your mortgage or car loan or if more of you have property that cannot be exempted (not counted) from garnishment or attachment by creditors, but that you want to keep than could be in Chapter 7.

Chapter 13 Reorganization

Chapter 13 reorganizes your debt. You create a realistic payment plan based on your "disposable income" that you have at the end of the month, --- money left over after payment of all after living expenses. It is wise to get qualified legal help as soon as possible, because a lawyer has detailed knowledge of the best way to protect your assets. We may be able to help you use these very helpful federal laws to save your home, stop foreclosure and consolidate debt.

Congress is deciding whether to modify bankruptcy law regarding home mortgages to allow the bankruptcy courts to more accurately reflect the value of a home at today's prices instead of the market boom prices of yesterday. Liens can also be less of a burden in Chapter 13. Don't delay. We can help you experience debt relief, stabilize financially, restore your credit and look forward to the future again.

Sherri B. Simpson's clients often tell her that after seeing her just one time, "Thank you, I just had my first full night's sleep in six months."



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