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Bankruptcy & Divorce

Aug. 23, 2020

Make Sure Your Bankruptcy and Divorce Cases Don't Harm One Another

Should I file for divorce and then wait to file for bankruptcy? Or should I file for bankruptcy first? Does it really make a difference? For many people, divorce and bankruptcy are uniquely intertwined. Financial problems leading to bankruptcy may have also been trigger points contributing to the breakup of the marriage. Alternatively, the financial implication of divorce may have contributed to the need to file for bankruptcy.

Without proper planning in the timing of divorce and bankruptcy petitions, the successful resolution of each case could be jeopardized. Fort Lauderdale bankruptcy and divorce lawyer Sherri B. Simpson carefully analyzes your situation to determine if and when each action should be handled to ensure your interests are fully preserved. Call the Simpson Law Group at (954) 524-4141 or contact us through e-mail for a free consultation.

Divorce is one of the leading factors contributing to the need to file for bankruptcy. Thousands of Americans confront both legal issues in close proximity to one another. So if divorce and bankruptcy are so common? Why aren't they handled together by the same attorneys and the same courts? Perhaps they should be.

While divorce and bankruptcy are handled by two separate courts — neither court having jurisdiction over the issues handled by the other court — it is important that the full picture be analyzed when determining a plan of action. This can best be done when you are working with an attorney who can answer your questions about both cases and advise you about how to succeed in both cases.

Fort Lauderdale bankruptcy and divorce attorney Sherri B. Simpson can address your concerns involving:

-Can my ex-spouse discharge spousal support obligations by filing for bankruptcy?
-How are child support obligations treated in bankruptcy?
-What should I do if my ex-spouse is attempting to wipe out our marital settlement in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy ?
-Can I deal with debt from my divorce in bankruptcy?
-Should we file for bankruptcy jointly before we divorce?
-Can I face liability for my ex-spouse's debts after his/her bankruptcy?

If you are facing divorce and have questions about filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, or if you are filing for bankruptcy and know that you will be getting a divorce, it is important to be upfront with your lawyer so that a careful plan can be developed and implemented. With over 20 years of legal experience, attorney Sherri B. Simpson has the unique insight to provide the creative and effective legal counsel clients need in bankruptcy, divorce, asset division and debt division.

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