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U.S. Trustee Program Reaches Agreement on Behalf of Homeowners

U.S. Trustee Program Reaches Agreements with Three Mortgage Servicers Providing More than $74 Million in Remediation to Homeowners in Bankruptcy Agreements Address Past Systemic Bankruptcy Servicing Errors Impacting Homeowners Correction

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Bankruptcy & Divorce

Make Sure Your Bankruptcy and Divorce Cases Don't Harm One Another

Should I file for divorce and then wait to file for bankruptcy? Or should I file for bankruptcy first? Does it really make a difference? For many people, divorce and bankruptcy are uniquely intertwined. Financial problems leading to bankruptcy may have also been trigger points contributing to the breakup of the marriage. Alternatively, the financial implication of divorce may have contributed to the need to file for bankruptcy.

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Bankruptcy & Securities

The market crash in 2008 caused housing markets to plummet, retirement investments to deplete and consequentially, Americans across the country to face one of the worst financial disasters since the Great Depression. As a result of the crash, thousands of investment scams were exposed. And, while many cases of broker fraud and other investment fraud were brought to an end, securities brokers and investment firms across the country continue to use deceptive and negligent tactics that cost people their livelihood.

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Chapter 7 - 11 - 13 Differences

Closing This Chapter of Your Life and Starting Again

The decline of the real estate marked is forcing unprecedented numbers of people to face mortgage foreclosure and bankruptcy. If you are one of these people, it is important that you seek informed and caring bankruptcy counsel as you determine how to reorganize your financial life and seek debt relief.

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